Doctors in Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala, Guatemala)

It specializes in sexually transmitted diseases with over 25 years of experience, gets his orders. Specialized treatment: gonorrhea, chancroid, papillomas, herpes, burning or itching etc.

Clinica de enfermedades de Transmisión Sexual

It specializes in sexually transmitted diseases with over 25 years of experience, gets his orders. Specialized Treatment: gonorrhea, chancroid, papillomas, herpes, burning or itching etc.
We also have at your disposal; More...
5a. calle 10-14 zona 1, Edificio el Virrey, 2do. nivel. - Guatemala - Guatemala

Clínica Médica Cubana

10 Calle 9-68 Zona 1
Edificio Rosanca
1er. Nivel of: 103
Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

Clinics and hospitals in Guatemala
It is a corporation of companies specialized in construction and medical equipment. Dutch companies, the USA, Mexico and Guatemala....

Clinica Enfermedades Venereas

Clinic specialized in treatments for venereal and sexually transmitted infections, sexual infections such as: gonorrhea, syphilis, papillomas, herpes, dermatitis, chancres or sores, itching, urethritis, more than 30 years of experience. More...
5a. Calle 10-14 Zona 1 2do. Nivel Edificio El Virrey - Guatemala - Guatemala

Clinicas Medicas

Specialty care in orthopedics and traumatology joint surgery, arthroscopy and spine.
11 calle 1-25 z. 1 guatemala, guatemaala - Guatemala - Guatemala

Laboratorio Clinico Médico Obelisco

Clinical analysis in general: Hematology, evidence of pregnancy, urine, feces, biochemistry, hormones, drugs of abuse, infectious, tumoral markers. DNA analysis: proof of paternity,
Torre Profesional II 2º Nivel Oficina 206
Centro Comercial Zona 4 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Centros médicos y ambulatorios en los Estados Unidos -
Clínica especializada en tratamientos para infecciones venéreas y de transmisión sexual, infecciones sexuales como: gonorrea, sífilis, papilomas, herpes, dermatitis, chancros o llagas, picazones, uretritis, más...

Dr. Donald Fernando Mejicanos Pineda

Neurosurgery of adults and children, microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery, surgery of the nervous system highly complex skull base surgery, neuroendoscopic spine surgery and peripheral nerve
10 Calle 2-45 zona 14 Edificio Clinicas de las Americas 8 nivel oficina 802 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Dr. Milton Jenner

internal medicine and metabolism
4 Calle 7-53 Zona 9 Edificio Torre Azul oficina 707 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Dr Juan Feliciano Chuc Aceytuno

Geriatrics and gerontology
Especilizada Medicine in older adults and the elderly
- Guatemala - Guatemala

Cirugía general en los Estados Unidos -
Clínica especializada en la prevención y tratamiento de cáncer de colon y recto. Tratamiento de trastornos funcionales colorrectales Enfermedades anorrectales (hemorroides, fistulas, abscesos y fisuras)...

Clinica Tikal

Diagnosis and treatment of headaches, migraines, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, sadness, poor sleep, seizures, crisis anguish and despair, repetitive ideas, thoughts of not wanting to live, lose sense of reason, aggressiveness More...
33 avenida 12-87 zona 7, colonia tikal II - Guatemala - Guatemala

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