Lawyers in Guatemala, Guatemala

Audit and accounting services .

Victoria Servicios Contables

Audit and accounting services
Guatemala, Ciudad. - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala

M&R Coorporaciòn Abogados y Notarios

It provides legal advice in the areas of civil, criminal, commercial, labor, corporate, notaries, tax, tax, constitutional.
Mortgage, real estate loans
Recruitment and placement
Zona 1 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Criminal attorneys in Guatemala -
Economic legal advice and representation in the following areas: Civil right; usucapión judgment, administrative, voluntary, processing of deeds, drafting contracts, contract terminations, specific performance...

Grupo CEO Empresarial -
We are a Guatemalan company advisory and consulting experts in recovering delinquent accounts , that day remains firmly committed to cooperate with our customers ,...

Bufete de Traductores

Translation Services English-Spanish and vice versa; we work any type of document as web sites, contracts, identification documents, medical certificates, educational certificates, diplomas and degrees, brochures, etc.
13 calle - Guatemala - Guatemala

Peñalonzo Consultores

Management of NPLs and lawsuits, bounced checks, expired contracts, balances without documentation. No matter the amount or time delay of its customers. Managers and lawyers in the capital and Quetzaltenango. More...
22 Avenida "A" 14-35 Zona 10 Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

Estudio Profesional de Abogados & Notarios

We are a group of professionals who will help in various areas of law, family, criminal, employment counseling, and others.
Local F-6, final Bulevar de Residenciales Alamedas de Sta. Clara, Zona 3 de Villa Nueva - Guatemala - Guatemala

Notaries in Guatemala -
Lawyer - Notary's office, Lu.a Vi: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sap. 9 a.m. to 12 M.s...

Legal experts in Guatemala
Criminal and judicial investigation agency ...

Môller Abogados y Notarios

Môller is a service mark under which a group of dedicated professionals, in their majority lawyers and notaries provides to corporations, companies and individual specialized legal services in the different More...
Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Ana Rocio Belteton Gonzalez, Esq.

Xacto Cobros y Mas

Gladly we are at your service in providing our services to extra-judicial reorganization and court of accounts in arrears, bank loans overdue, trust and mortgage loans as well as credit More...
20 avenida 3-89 Zona 8 de Mixco San Cristobal 2 Sector B2, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

SIVO Sucesores

Transfers, new plates (imported), replacement of title of ownership and circulation cards, cardboard rtu update.
11 Avenida A 20-31, zona 5 Residenciales Fuentes del Valle II - San Miguel Petapa - Guatemala - Guatemala

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