Steel in Guatemala, Guatemala

Manufacturers of metal stainless steel and carbon steel .

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Servicios Profesionales y Técnicos jh

Manufacturers of metal stainless steel and carbon steel
- Guatemala - Guatemala

Tecni- industriales

Manufacture, repair, modification, parts and industrial machinery. Torno brushed Mig tig welding rectifier special etc. Everything in the field of stainless steel, engineering plastics, and food grade ferrous any bronze, More...
- Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala

Metallurgical industry in Guatemala
Chrome and nickel in all kinds of metal parts ...

Austenit, S.A.

100% it´s a company dedicated to the thermal tratatamientos of steel.
It offers: it tempers/tempering - cementation - nitriding to tenifer QPQ - carbonitriding - borurado.
2a Av 0-78 sector B5 San Cristobal I, Zona 8 de Mixco, Guatemala, C.A. - Guatemala - Guatemala

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